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NJ woman creates clothing line to benefit domestic violence victims

Fueled by her love for her mother, Ripoli created the “Angel Energy” clothing line – 25% of all proceeds are donated to domestic violence charities.
“By supporting Angel Energy and being a part of the movement, it’s just showing everybody else that they’re not alone,” she says.
Advocates say that this is especially important during the current COVID-19 pandemic, as many are forced to stay at home.
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Miss New Jersey USA Gina Mellish partners with Angel Energy to raise domestic violence awareness

Mutual experiences can connect humans to one another for a variety of reasons. Upon meeting, Sarah Ripoli and Gina Mellish shared a cause they were both passionate about  — domestic violence awareness. 

"I just feel like our lives are so intertwined in our experiences," Mellish said of Ripoli. "So we were really excited to do the collaboration together." 
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Hoboken Woman Lost Mom To Domestic Violence. She's Worried Again.

When Sarah Ripoli was 6 years old and living in the upscale town of Medford, in Burlington County, her father killed her mother upstairs while she was in the basement of their house. Two years later, in 2001, he pleaded guilty to manslaughter and spent 15 years in jail.

Sarah, 27, who is now living in Hoboken and running a clothing line, wrote about the tragic day in a blog entry last year, but for years she had avoided telling people she met.

"Losing a parent to domestic violence is like losing two parents at once," she wrote. "In an instant, they both become physically gone in different ways. It's something that happens in such a little amount of time but comes with years of pain."

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COVID-19 shifts more Angel Energy to social media for domestic violence help

Before she turned seven, Sarah Ripoli lost her mother to domestic violence. The 27-year-old Hoboken resident co-founded Angel Energy last year, a clothing line from which 25% of the proceeds go to a different charity that helps victims of domestic violence each month.

Ripoli loves fashion, and part of Angel Energy inherently seems to be to encouraging people to use what you love to elevate yourself.

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After personal tragedy, apparel company founder raises domestic abuse awareness

April 8, 1999 remains a day Ripoli can never forget. Through her website, she started publicly sharing her story to show people that she remained resilient through a family tragedy — losing her mother to an act of domestic violence.

Ripoli established clothing company Angel Energy to generate domestic abuse awareness. She donates 25 percent of the proceeds to a different nonprofit each month that helps women who suffer from domestic violence.

This is her story.
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